A Few Perspectives from SE Virginia

I’m down in VA Beach this week for a bit of work (and some vacation thrown in).  Right now we’re enjoying a beach-side condo in Sandbridge.  A few observations as my kids watch “The Muppet Movie” a few feet away …

1.  You can’t calculate the loss of Chris Cooley. There’s so much to say.  Cooley may not be the best Redskins tight end of all time (Jerry Smith shades him out in my book).  But he was the man, when there was little else to bring folks out to FedEx.  His style and enthusiasm were old school all the way.  Coooooleeeey.

2.  Drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Tuesday to meet a client on the Eastern Shore.  Thirteen miles spanning the Bay, with two separate tunneled sections.  One of the most amazing engineering feats in American history.

3.  Attended fundraiser for Paul Hirshbiel Tuesday night on the banks of the Lynnhaven River (Virginia Beach).  Lynnwood Lewis looking dapper.  Kenny Alexander on a cell phone.  Bobby Scott holding forth.  The Dems need to take back this seat to win back the U.S. Congress.

4.  False Cape State Park is a hidden jewel on the very southern tip of Virginia Beach.  I went for a 12-mile run thru the Park on Monday.  Saw a perfectly white swan.  Nearly stepped on a turtle the size of a manhole cover.  Lots of musquitoes.

5.  Lots of 4×8 signs in Tidewater.  I’ve said it before.  I’ll say it again.  Visibility, visiblity, visibility.  It creates momentum, which drives turnout.  Do the math.

6. The sand at Virginia Beach is soft, the water is warm and the views are fabulous.  Need I say more?

7.  VA Beach Half-Marathon on Sunday.  Ready to go.

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