Geeking Out on the Olympics …

OK, I confess that I’m a total Olympics nut.

Watching the “parade of nations” right now, after a largely forgettable opening ceremony — does everything have to be as stupid as the Super Bowl half-time show?

The Olympics is the essence of the athletic spirit; young people from around the world competing in sports on the margin of the public’s consciousness.   Years of training all spent for a moment in time on the world’s stage.

Watching the parade of nations tonight.  Here are my notes:

Loving the outfits from Fiji.  Where can you purchase one?

Why can’t India win more medals?

How did the Israeli flag-bearer shave the Star of David into his head?

African nations make the best use of colors.  (Asia=worst)

Snazzy outfits for Puerto Rico.  Lionel Richie circa 1980.

Maria Sharapova (Russia) is a knock-out.

Solomon Islands keeping it real …

Shocked that the Swedish team is all blond.

Who designed the American outfits?  Monica Lewinsky?

LeBron in his third Olympics.  Winner.

OK, that’s about all for me.  Let the games begin.










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