Freedom of Speech in Today’s America

Imagine a community where a business owner can only open a store if his political opinions match those of the ruling class.

Kim Il Sung’s North Korea?  Castro’s Cuba?

Or Boston, Chicago, and San Franciso in today’s United States.

The “controversy” over Chik-Fila-A has rapidly moved past news to satire.  In fact, the only real story is that of certain elected officials publicly stating that they would use their legal powers to effectively ban the crispy chicken sandwich.  Why?  Because the CEO of the franchise holds an opinion on a controversial issue which has  been the subject of 30+ statewide referenda in the past ten years (including California twice).

The entire episode is noteworthy for the silence of those elected leaders who long ago elevated political correctness over freedom of speech.  (Could you imagine the outcry if a business were banned because its CEO spoke in support of gay rights?)

Also noteworthy is the inertia of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice which has little apparent interest in fighting against discrimination, when the ”victims” fall outside the usual archetypes and include people of conservative convictions.  (Although that appellation hardly applies to those that lose paying jobs when a store is shut down by a grandstanding City Council).

Like all stories in today’s insipid media culture, this one will pass quickly.  It’s probably already been around too long.  But the double standard in today’s culture on issues of free speech and discrimination remains, and the resentment that double standard breeds in America’s population of believing Christians will continue to drive a long-term division in this nation long after the last chicken sandwich is sold.






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