The Clemens Debacle

Does the U.S. Department of Justice have nothing better to do?

Jurors in D.C. Federal court were forced to sit through ten (10) weeks of trial, as teams of attorneys strove to form (or unwind) tiny pieces of circumstancial evidence.

An international murder?  Multi-state drug ring?  Organized crime syndicate?

No, the accused in the dock was former major league baseball pitcher Roger Clemens who, to the best of my knowledge, was not disturbing the public peace.  Instead, he was asked to appear before Congress five years ago, denied allegations of steroid use, and was then indicted for “lying to Congress.”

Lord, why must we live this way?

In an epic failure of resource allocation, the Department of Justice chose to chase after Clemens, much like it did Barry Bonds (next, Lance Armstrong?)  Yesterday, the jury ruled him “not guilty” and sent the U.S. lawyers packing.  Predictable.   

It’s not that steroid use is acceptable.  It’s not.  Nor is dishonesty under oath.  

But “lying to Congress” is a very peculiar charge.

I mean, hell, you could fill up D.C. Jail in a heartbeat if you simply extended that crime to include statements made by current members to each other.

The steroid investigation and subsequent prosecutions was all about the self-importance of Congress, not protecting the American people.  There are much more serious crimes which are going un-prosecuted every day.  Trust me.

The integrity of Roger Clemens should not be a subject of Federal criminal proceedings.  The actions he took and denials that he made are between him, his team, the League and its fans.  That’s all. 

The Justice Department has better things to do.  It needs to figure out what they are.

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  • DJRippert

    At least when he’s prosecuting Roger Clemens, Eric Holder is not kicking off another “Fast and Furious” escapade.