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Modern Pentathlon

The Olympics has an event called the modern pentathlon, which features events in running, shooting and horseback riding.  (okay, so “modern” is taken loosely). Today, I survived a rough equivalent.  Here’s how it went: 8:30 a.m.  The CASA “Run for the … Continue reading

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Brett Amendola Commits Another Fraud (and Other Reasons Why We Need Criminal Reform)

In the spring of 2008, I represented an older couple who had placed $500,000 with Brett Amendola, a high-flying investment broker in Leesburg, with the intention of seeing it invested in a new business.  For months afterwards, Amendola avoided their … Continue reading

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Back Home

Well it could take a while to deconstruct the “on-again”/”off-again” State Budget, which was finally enacted on Wednesday afternoon.  I’ll put up a later post with some of the details re the 34th Senate district (the “cost of competing” funds … Continue reading

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Dulles Rail in the Balance

We have spent days (weeks? months?) on the biennium State Budget.  We are very close to a final agreement, as a conference report is now before us.  Some parts are good, some parts are bad, and some parts are ugly.  … Continue reading

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Earlier this year, I sponsored SB 627, the “solar freedom bill,” which invalidated HOA prohitions against solar panels, including those enacted prior to July 1, 2008 (note the intentional use of the word “prohibition” — the legislation allowed HOA’s to regulate … Continue reading

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