Senate Passes Budget 35-4 (Sung to “Patience” by Guns & Roses)

1st verse: Shed a tear ’cause we’re back in session

We’re here without the Ho-o-use

Girl, I think about our Budget every day now …

(guitar strumming)

Was a time when I voted “no”

But we’ ve turned it all around

With some extra millions for K-12 now

Refrain: Said, Senate, take it slow and it’ll work itself out right

All we need is just a little patience

Find the money for “cost to compete” and we’ll put up a green light

All we need is just a little patience

(voice whistling, guitar strumming)

2nd Verse:  I think here on the Senate floor

About the bank set-tle-ment

With that extra cash, let’s build a Trust Fund

Sometimes I get so frustrated … when consumers get the shaft

But $10 million is a decent start, son

RefrainSaid, Senate, help homeowners and they can now refi ….

All they need is just a little patience

Also help for Dulles Rail cause the tolls will be so high …

You know we can find $300 million to do it …

Our bond rating, we won’t lose it

Oooh … just don’t abuse it

( faster guitar strumming, building to climax)

Just a little patience, yeah

Need a little patience, yea-ah

Just a little patience, yea-ah

Some more patience, yea-ah

Come on patience, yea-ah

Final verse (falsetto):  I’ve been walking Broad Street at night

Just trying to get it right

It’s hard to think when the Robo-calls came

And the nasty emails calling my name

And the majority changes

But “conferees” are the same

I ain’t got time for the games,

Cause I need you [state budget]

Yeah, yeah, yea, cause I need you!

O-o-h I need you!  Whoo, I need you!

 By June thi-i-i-i-rt-yyyyy!

(voice fades, guitar solo finishes)

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  • isophoroneblog

    Next time you have a town hall meeting, be sure to sing falsetto. I am guessing this could be a real boost to your upcoming gubernatorial campaign. Do you do Ethel Merman imitations also?

    On a more serious topic: As far as Dulles rail goes, I respectfully disagree with you. This is a waste of money for a system that neither nor I will ever ride. As far as people-moving systems go, we can accomplish the same for much less with bus rapid transit, much like Seoul, Bogota, and Ottawa do. Why do you feel that you have to vote for something that costs ten times more to do the same thing? And how much is too much money for this white elephant?

  • DJRippert


    I am disappointed that the Senate approved the budget. While I would normally applaud an action that helps to reduce gridlock, I believe there were too many outstanding problems with bills on the governor’s desk to approve the budget at this time.

    The most troublesome bill on the governor’s desk is the governor’s omnibus transportation bill. This watered down bill does virtually nothing for financing Virginia’s transportation shortfall while adding power to the bureaucrats at VDOT. I realize that you opposed the bill and I thank you for that. However, I think the bill is so bad that the Democrats should have refused to endorse the budget until Bob McDonnell sent a revised version of the bill back to the General Assembly.

    The simple fact is that our state legislature has bungled transportation funding since 1986 – when the gas tax was last indexed to inflation. You have tried to rectify that situation but have not been able to gain sufficient support in the General Assembly. Virginia is now the second to last state to raise its gas tax. The only state that has procrastinated longer is Alaska – a state awash in tax revenues from oil exploration. The state government is, by far and away, the major cause of Virginia’s transportation problems. Given that, why should we want a state agency (VDOT) to have an effective veto over the transportation plans of localities when it is VDOT and the rest of the state government which is causing most of the problem?

    The Commonwealth Transportation Board is the unelected entity that sets priorities for transportation projects in Virginia. Its members represent the population of Virginia by region (along with a couple of ad-hoc seats). One might think this was fair. However, as is typical in Virginia state politics, appearances are deceiving. The regions of the CTB were established in 1932 and have not been changed since. In other words, those regions fail to account for the immense demographic shifts in Virginia’s population since 1932. The net effect is that high growth areas like your district are horribly short-changed by the CTB. A bill was proposed in the session to address this matter but the bill was allowed to die. Why should Northern Virginians (or people from Tidewater for that matter) agree to giving the state government more power over transportation when we are willfully under-represented by the board that is meant to represent us? Frankly, this is a disgrace.

    VDOT ‘fumble fingered” a billion dollars just a few years ago. When Bob McDonnell came into office one of his his first “ah ha moments” was the discovery of $1B of unspent money in VDOT’s coffers. This slush fund was sitting unused as Virginia suffered through endless transportation headaches. Why would we allow an organization that can’t keep its own books more power in land use and transportation decisions?

    I can only hope that Virginia’s Democrats will use Bill Bolling’s tie breaking vote on this truly negligent transportation bill to fry him in Northern Virginia and Tidewater in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

    The Republicans in Virginia are wrong for Northern Virginia, wrong for Tidewater, wrong for Richmond and wrong for Charlottesville. Given their appalling incompetence in this legislative session I can only hope for a Democratic rout of that inept group in 2013. Personally, I think that rout would have been facilitated by holding up the budget to focus attention on the hapless transportation bill and Bolling’s continued willingness to sell out NoVa, Tidewater and all other fast-growing parts of Virginia.