The Best of 2011

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  (yada, yada, yada)

Inconceivably, 2011 is drawing to a close — even as we vainly grasp at one final Spinal Tap (“This one goes to eleven”) reference. 

One of the best ways to remember 2011 is to remember all the great moments & memories that happened.  So here goes my effort:

Most Exciting Moment (Family Edition):  the birth of Ida Grace Petersen on August 3, 2011, joining three very pleased older siblings.

Most Exciting Moment (Legal Edition):  three successful jury trials, including a mega verdict in Federal court on August 12, 2011.

Most Exciting Moment (Political Edition):  The Vienna Halloween parade on October 26, with the whole town in costume.  Always a great night.  And  you know that the campaign is almost over.

Most Bizarre Geologic Event:  The August 23rd earthquake in Louisa, which rippled all over Virginia.  I can still see the miso soup shaking in the bowl at Cho’s Garden in Fairfax, where I was having lunch with a client. 

Most Bizarre Political Event:  Anthony Weiner and his Twitter account, which rippled all across …..  we’ll just say it rippled.

Most Bizarre Athletic-Related Event:  Coach Jim Larranaga leaving Mason for that basketbal hotbed of … Miami?

Most Memorable Athletic Event:  VCU’s epic run to the Final Four.

Best Book Read in 2011:  “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand.  The incredible story of Louis Zamperini.  Olympic miler, WW2 tail gunner, shot down in Pacific, survived a 2,000 mile raft trip through shark-infested waters, captured and tortured by Japanese, rescued at end of war.  Unbroken.

Best Movie in 2011 (Theater):  “The Boxer.”  A great story about living for — and overcoming – your own family.  Mark Wahlberg is my favorite actor.

Best Movie in 2011 (Television):  “The Marinovich Project.”  A chilling story about training, athletic potential and addiction.   (honorable mention:  “The Brothers Escobar”, also ESPN)

Shallowest Political Success:  The General Assembly passed a $4B transportation bond in Richmond this year, accelerating ten years of tax payments into a three-year construction time table.  Everyone loves to spend money and build roads.

Biggest Political Flop:  ABC Privatization.  There was one?

Favorite Celebrity Sighting:  Ran into Redskin great Brian Mitchell getting coffee at the Main Street 7-Eleven a month ago.  B-Mitch!

Biggest Local Bummer:  WJFK moving their Main Street studios to Maryland.  No more local celebrity sightings in Fairfax City (see above).

Simplest Math Equation:  20=20.  (I’ve checked this on my calculator multiple times).  Can’t wait to see how the Republicans deal with the issue of “proportional representation,” as required by the Senate Rules, when we select committees.

Obscure Office Suddenly Becoming Relevant:  Lt. Governor (see above).

Most Memorable Road Race:  The “Friends of the W&OD” 10K on July 30.  Ran down the trail from downtown Vienna to Hunter Mill Road, then back.   Insanely hot.  No shade.   I actually started having visions with a mile to go.

Favorite Redskins Game:   The last one. 

On to 2012 ….







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