Pat Rodio, Fairfax City Gentleman

Today I attended the funeral of Mr. Pasquale “Pat” Rodio, long-time community leader in Fairfax City.  Pat was 94 years old.  The services were at St. Leo’s Catholic Church.

While Pat was my grandparents’ age (if they were still alive), I got to know him quite well during the last few years.  He lived two blocks away and our neighborhood park was named after him.  He always had fresh vegetables in his garden and a kind word when I passed by.

Pat was best known for his role in forming Fairfax Little League, back when the City was growing up.  He loved baseball and was a staunch supporter of youth sports.  He also served multiple terms on the Fairfax City Council in the 1980′s and 1990′s.  (And one interim term in 2002 when an existing Councilman was elected State Delegate).  He was consistently one of the highest vote-getters and most popular City politicians.

Pat was one of the founders of the City Republican organization back in the Fifties (when that was a new concept), and was the backbone of that committee for 40+ years.  He told me that he did that to take on the “Chain Bridge Road Democrats,” i.e. my mother’s family who lived up the hill.   (I knew that Pat was not doing well this fall when he failed to have my opponent’s sign in his yard).

Pat was the consummate gentleman and well-respected by all sides in the City.  He had opponents, but no enemies.  Rest in peace.


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