Halloween Party, Halloween Parade

Everyone is invited to our pre-election Halloween Party tonight (October 27) at the “Hacienda El Paso” restaurant at Fairfax Circle.  It’s next door to Patriot Harley Davidson.  Please come and bring a friend.

The Vienna parade last night was another epic occasion.  I can’t say enought thank you’s to the Town, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, or the high school students (mostly James Madison) who marched with me and kept yelling from the step off point at Berry Street to the finish a mile away.

After walking through with my family and volunteers, I circled back and walked through again with Hunter Mill Democrats, including Pat Hynes, School Board candidate.  All told, I think I shook a thousand hands last night.  We also handed out several hundred “People’s Senator” pencils and a few thousand pieces of candy. 

There were a lot of groups walking through and probably 10,000 people in attendance.  My personal favorite was the dancers dressed like ghosts who were doing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in perfect formation.  Major props.

Vienna Halloween Parade is the last major public gathering before Election Day.  It’s a good one to close with ….



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