Argument Before VA Supreme Court

Today, I will be traveling to Richmond to argue a petition for appeal before the Virginia Supreme Court.  The court sits in Richmond and is currently in session.  The Supreme Court building faces Capitol Square, direct across Ninth Street from the State Capitol.

The Court splits its hearings into “writ panels,” which are three judge panels which hear initial petitions, and “full panels.”  The full panel will hear argument on those cases in which a writ is granted.

(Basically, it’s a two-part process.  If you’re appealing a lower court decision, you file a petition and argue it to the Writ Panel.  If a justice agrees to give you a writ, you then come back and argue your appeal to the full panel.  The latter will then issue the final ruling)

Arguments before the writ panel are quick — only ten minutes.  To get there, you have to spend an hour in the “waiting room,” where everyone is studying their notes and basically looking like a college student minutes before a final exam.  Nerve-wracking. 

I have a writ panel today.  With any luck, I’ll be back for a full hearing next spring.

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  • Rob Jackson

    Chap, best of luck with your oral argument. Hope it leads to round two.