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Small Biz Summit Today at GMU

Today I attended the Small Business Summit at the George Mason Inn in Fairfax.  There were over a hundred entrepeneurs hearing from speakers on work force retraining, transportation and health care. In my small speaking role, I introduced a man who has … Continue reading

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On Taxes, where Does Virginia Stack Up?

Every election year, candidates speak about “cutting your taxes.”  How many actually know what taxes are levied by the state?  And how those rates compare with others? Here are basic Virginia facts published by the non-profit Tax Foundation:  9.1%      Percentage of gross … Continue reading

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Try to Remember the Times of September

September 11, 2011.  It’s  a beautiful day. The sky is azure blue.  Do we remember the brilliant blue sky, the perfect fall weather on this date ten years ago? I do.  It was a Tuesday morning.  I started the morning at … Continue reading

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The Need to Notify

Tonight was our first Back to School Night in Fairfax County.  Dozens of volunteers and political candidates lined up outside Frost Middle School to meet hundreds of parents. “Back to School” has extra meaning this year in Fairfax County, as … Continue reading

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Bless these Tools (Labor Day)

“In the sweat of your face, you shall eat bread.”  (Genesis 3:19) As always, Labor Day kicked off this year with 10 a.m. Mass at historic St. Mary’s of Sorrows on Ox Road in Fairfax.  Each year the parish fathers bless the … Continue reading

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