What Just Happened Today?

Like all you, I had a very surreal experience at 1:50 this afternoon.

I was joining some clients at “Cho’s Garden” restaurant in Fairfax City. We had just left Fairfax County Circuit Court and were sitting down for a buffet lunch.

While facing my miso soup, I could hear a grinding noise behind me — like someone had left on a power tool.  It continued for several seconds, but I couldn’t see where it was from.

Then the whole floor started moving underneath us.  Having lived in Japan twenty years ago, I remembered what earthquakes (“jishin”) felt like.  It was the same rumbling and shaking.

For about ten seconds, the restaurant actually swayed from side-to-side.  Then just as suddenly it was over.  A number of the people in the restaurant rushed to the windows, thinking that a train or large truck had passed.  Not the case.

A few minutes later, we all knew that a 5.9 earthquake had hit Virginia.  Impossible!  I got a text from my wife and headed home.  Pictures and plants had fallen from the walls.  It was the same at my office.  (All my photos are crooked)

Driving around the Fairfax area, I have not seen any permanent damage, except for extreme traffic caused by everyone trying to go home at 2 p.m. 

(Every time there’s a catastrophic event, people leave for home early and spend the next 2-3 hours in traffic — nobody ever seems to learn).


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