A Few Post-Primary Thoughts

Yesterday saw a seismic shock hit Virginia.  Literally.  Meanwhile, the results from yesterday’s political primaries were largely expected (with a couple exceptions).

The main race in our area was the Democratic nomination for Braddock District Supervisor.  This was perhaps the closest race in the state with Janet Oleszek winning by about 40 votes, out of 4,000+ cast.

Both Janet and her opponent, Chris Wade, ran a great race.  They knocked on a ton of doors and personally called thousands of voters.  (Trust me, I heard about it.)  Janet had a slight edge with her School Board and PTA experience and I believe that made the difference.  Either way, they both distinguished themselves.

In other primary races, three former House colleagues of mine — Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria), Jeff Frederick (R-Prince William) and Dick Black (R-Anywhere) – earned the respective party nominations. 

The Republican nominees will be contested in the general election.  Toddy Puller (D-Mt. Vernon) is the incumbent Senator representing eastern Fairfax and Prince William.  (ed. note — Toddy and I are cousins by marriage).  She will face Frederick.  The other seat for Mr. Black is a new one drawn to western Prince William and southern Loudoun.

While primaries favor Senate candidates who play to the base, the general is far different.  You need to get 20,000+ votes to win, which means you have to get “leaners,” independents and even cross-overs.  Divisive issues tend to drive off undecideds. 

You will not be able to speak to each voter personally (trust me, I’ve tried), which means you must have a great campaign team, sufficient money to communicate, and an ability to not say stupid things — or at least not have them recorded.

On to November.

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