A lot of transitions going on this week.  Here’s a brief list:

On Monday, I handed over the gavel of the Commission on Civics Education to Rich Anderson (R-Prince William), who will be the new chairman.  For the past two years, we’ve sponsored the annual “civics summit” in Richmond for high school teachers and proposed ways to update the Government/Civics curriculum and get students involved in the political process.  Rich is the right person to build on our past work.

Thursday, I attended a Celebration for the Life of Councilwoman Joan Cross at the Sherwood Center in Fairfax City.  Joan was a beloved and respected Councilwoman who died of cancer last week at the age of 68.  Her service was a wonderful gathering of her family from around the U.S. and her friends here.  Today, in Richmond, we approved a memorial resolution in her honor.

Today, in Richmond, we  also finally filled the vacancies for the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Virginia.  These vacancies had been sitting for months, while the Assembly stalled on the appointments.  After the vote, I was one of the Senators who actually “counted” the ballots, a 19th (18th? 17th?) century process which involves reviewing the vote sheets and calling out the vote total to the Clerk.  No controversies here.  All the votes were uncontested.

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