Caylee’s Law Coming to VA

Over the past two weeks, Virginia lawmakers have been deluged with emails and notes asking us to ensure the safety of our children by requiring parents to notify the authorities when their child is dead or face felony charges.

Senator Houck was first to announce his plans to file legislation in 2012.  For what it’s worth, I’ve expressed the same intention to 100+ constituents who have articulated support to make this addition to Virginia’s criminal code. 

It is inconceivable that a parent can conceal the death of a child for days and weeks — thereby hiding any evidence of a homicide — and not face felony charges.

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  • TBA

    Totally off topic, but responding to Howard Katz — thank you for not sponsoring ignition interlock legislation. The last thing we need is more government intervention in our private lives. Government is not the solution for lack of individual responsibility.

  • Chap

    Mr. Katz: I have met with you and explained why the “mandatory interlock” law would be a self-defeating measure which treats Breathalyzer tests as infallible, even when modern science shows that they are not. More importantly, as a lawyer in court every day, I trust Fairfax County judges to make the right sentencing decision, especially on first-time DUI defendants. That is where we differ. Ad hominem attacks on me will not change my mind.

  • TBA

    I don’t drink and drive. And I don’t want government getting into my business. Laws don’t protect people; people choosing to act responsibly protect people.