Bits & Pieces from Memorial Day

It was a memorable Memorial Day weekend.  Here are some figures that tell the story –

46:  The number of minutes it took this morning at the Courthouse to read the “Roll of Honor,” i.e. the names of Fairfax County residents who have given their life for this country in combat since World War I.

3:  The number of Fairfax County residents killed in action in the past year, whose names are now added to the Roll of Honor.

4:  The number of Memorial Day tributes in Fairfax and Vienna.

5,000:  The number of bikers departing Patriot Harley Davidson for “Rolling Thunder” on Sunday morning.

1:  The number of Virginia legislators returning via the Orange Line, after Rolling Thunder.

98:  The approximate temperature at mid-day today.

30:  The number of volunteers working this weekend for me (thank you)

10,000:  The number of fans we passed out this weekend at Viva Vienna.

A great weekend.  An important weekend.

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