Ten Things To Do Besides Watch the Royal Wedding

The English royal wedding is tomorrow morning.  They say that one-third of the world will be watching.  For the rest of us, here are some ideas to fill the time:

1.  Read the Declaration of Independence.

2.  Read any article in People magazine

3.  Compare Mel Kiper’s “”Big Board” with actual NFL draft selections.

4. Read legal opinions pertaining to NFL lockout.

5. Go for an early-morning run. 

6. Talk to your children.

7.  Talk to your spouse (this can be construed liberally!)

8.  Attempt to decipher the new Virginia legislative maps. 

9.  Think of better uses for public funds than sustaining a monarchy based on inherited privilege. 

10.  Remember that William is a prince, but Elvis was “the King.”

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  • Stacey Remick-Simkins

    I could not agree more.