Seven Things to Do In Fairfax over Spring Break

Unlike a lot of families, we did not travel anywhere during Spring Break.  Too much work (real work, not politics), too many kids and a very pregnant wife make it hard to travel.

Having said that, we did get out this week and do some fun things.  Here’s a quick synopsis of seven things to do over spring break:

Bike the W&OD Trail:  From the red caboose in downtown Vienna to the stop sign at Hunter Mill Road is a 10K round trip.  I ran it hard on Wednesday evening – practicing for next weekend’s races.  Two of my children biked it and beat me easily (even the 6-year old).  So dinner at Joe’s Pizza & Pasta was on me, afterwards.

Play Tennis at Van Dyck Park:  The public courts are lighted and have a very forgiving surface.  You’re lucky to get a court on a weekday night, but we did it.  My kids complain that I hit the ball too hard.  Deal with it.

See Movies at Cinema Arts Theater:  My wife insisted on seeing the first night of “Water for Elephants.”  So we went on Friday night. Funny, I never knew she liked circuses.

Visit Lorton Arts Workhouse:  If you are into visual arts, the old Lorton Reformatory, now refurbished, is a fabulous place to visit.  My girls checked out the different artists’ handiwork and museum on Saturday morning, while my son and I played frisbee in the Quadrangle.  An historic site being used in a unique way.

Ice Cream at Woody’s:  The ultimate Fairfax City institution is open for the summer at his new location in downtown Fairfax (behind the old “T.T. Reynolds” building).  Stopped  by on Saturday night.  $4 shake.  Worth it.

Hear “Handel’s Messiah”:  It being Holy week, all churches had special services.  Our church featured a bangin’ organ and full choir doing “the Messiah” for Easter Sunday.   One of top two all-time musical anthems.  (other is “Born to Run” … feel free to discuss).

Go Door-Knocking:  Hey, it can’t all be fun..  This is an election year.  Did several hundred doors in Mosby Woods and Old Creek neighborhoods.  Just warming up.

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