Senate Passes Compromise Plan on 32-5 Vote

The Senate just voted through its compromise redistricting plan on 32-5 vote.  Some minor amendments were made on the floor, but the plan is 99% what passed through the P&E Committee at 2 p.m.

The substitute was added to the House plan that passed on a vote of 89-8 yesterday.  Both plans will go to the Governor.

The Senate compromise worked out this week largely dealt with Hampton Roads and the Richmond/Lynchburg area.  Two districts were moved:  one to central Virginia and one to northern Virginia.  Each will be an “open seat” in a somewhat competitive area.

As far as the districts in northern Virginia, there are a number of competitive seats (including mine).  The predictions of “22-18″ are highly presumptuous.  The voters will decide.

I am very confident the Governor will sign this bipartisan plan and the Department of Justice will approve it.

It’s been a long day.  Headed home very soon.

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  • Joel Rutstein

    Chap, I’m pretty sure I’ve been redistricted away from you and given to my former Delegate’s, Sen. Marsden’s, District. Dave’s o.k., but he’s no Chap. Thanks for all you’ve done and will continue to do for both your constituents and all of VA, even those who don’t yet realize your top-notch service. Take care and hope to see you out in the lucky neighborhoods nearby you’ll still be representing. Joel

    • Chap

      Joel: There are not enough words to say “thank you” for your help. I remember knocking on doors in Lake Braddock back in Sept 07 and you came driving down the street with your daughter and we talked that day. Damn sure I’m not happy to lose those friends and contacts but it is what it is. Peace, Chap