Governor Vetoes PE Requirement

So much for promoting health and fitness in Virginia. 

This bill passed with a sizeable mandate in the State Senate but does not have enough margin in the House of Delegates to override a veto.

Personally, I am strongly disappointed.  The “unfunded mandate” rationale by the Governor is total bunk. Do we not already have gyms and playgrounds?  And where was this objection when the banking lobby was pushing the financial literacy requirement?   

Is the health of our children less important than their ability to figure an APR?

I am especially disappointed in the Educational Establishment that worked to undercut this bill every step of the way, even after it was delayed to not take effect until 2015.   As a result, our children will continue to get short-changed. 

In the same way our children suffer from physical inertia, the current leadership in the public school system suffers from an intellectual inertia which says “no” to new ideas, whether it’s moderating disciplinary policies or encouraging more physical activity.

In this day and age, it takes someone who has experience in the public schools — as a student and parent — to take on the Establishment and make changes.

Today the Governor showed he’s not that person.

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  • LarryG

    Well I know a couple of teachers and they tell me that they actually count minutes to insure that they have enough time to cover the SOL material.

    Something would have to be traded for the time because there is no time to spare right now.

    But the other part of this – I’d politely disagree. Your child’s physical health is YOUR Responsibility. Kids are are overweight are not going to slim down from exercise. Kids now days eat too much food and they do it whilst in the care of their parents for the most part and now we’re saying that teachers should be the ones to fix this.

    You’re a runner so that makes your view even more inexplicable as you are certainly aware that your body is your responsibility and you must surely feel that way when you see adult fatties (like we all do) when you are in pubic.

    Fattie parents invariably produce fattie kids… because it goes back to meal time in their home and their fast food habits.

    If it was true that exercise will reduce fat. it might be worth debate but the about of exercise required to get rid of one pound is way more that most people are willing to exercise and way more than kids would be doing in schools.

    doesn’t it take about 30 minutes of vigorous exercise to burn 300-400 calories and each pound is worth about 3600 calories ( or correct me if I got it wrong).

    I thought I heard something about wellness programs. That might be worthwhile. It might actually be worth getting rid of something else but there is no available time left right now in the schools so you would have to give up something in exchange for it.

    but if the kid goes home to porker parents – and mealtimes are 3000-4000 calorie affairs, schools are not going to fix that.

  • Gretchen Laskas

    Chap — you know I hate to disagree with a Democrat, especially you! But on this one, I just don’t agree that this was the solution to a very real problem. Given the lack of funding across the state for education right now, I can’t see how this was going to happen without schools taking something else away. We know that core curriculum wasn’t going to change, so that would mean art, music and library would be put at risk. As a parent, that was a risk I was unwilling to take.

    Believe me, I am totally on board that PE has a great impact on children’s growth, development and ability to learn. I’m grateful for the terrific PE that my son has received in Fairfax County schools. I would like to see more of it. But not at the expense of some of the other great electives we currently have, and no one was able to sufficiently reassure me that those would not be at risk.

    Please feel free to take another bite at the apple next session. I would love to see a bill I could throw my own support behind!

  • John Farrell

    I’m glad you support this bill.

    Now can you get your law partner to change his mind on this bill?