2011 Academy Awards

Tonight, professional thespians will strike a pose for politically correct causes. Others will shed fake tears or ramble meaninglessly into an open microphone. The event will last too long and most observers, except for paid critics, will eventually tune out.

But enough about our Virginia budget debate, scheduled to start at 5 p.m.

Let’s talk about movies ….

Of the “Best Picture” nominee, I’ve seen exactly two: “The Fighter” and “The King’s Speech.” Everyone seems to think that the latter will win, if only because movies with a dreary London background and upper-class British accents are nearly always accepted as masterpieces by naive American audiences.

That’s too bad because “The Fighter” was a truly great movie — the best I saw all year. (The second best was “The Town” with Ben Affleck who — with the timing of a cicada — appears in a good movie every 14 years).

Mark Wahlberg is a great actor with a distinctively American demeanor and story. Like Pacino or DeNiro, he lives through his character. And the story of a figher from Lowell, Mass …. how can you not love it?

Anyway, those are my brief thoughts. I do think Christian Bale will get “best actor” for his great portrayal of the strung-out older brother in The Fighter.

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  • Heather Child

    Now that the Senate is in recess for a while it is time for you to see True Grit!