Restoration Bills Headed for Vote Tomorrow

Very few votes today on Senate floor as most matters are being put off until later in the week.  I will try to keep updated over what’s “on the floor” for voting.

Two votes worth watching are proposed constitutional amendments, SJ 284 and SJ 386, which restore voting rights for non-violent convicted felons who have served their time. 

Currently, the process requires convicted felons to serve their time and then file a petition for restoration of rights with the Governor’s office  These petitions are subject to executive discretion (although the McDonnell administration has been very good about accelerating the pace of approval).

The bottom line is that “automatic restoration” will put people on the voting rolls who have served their time and are trying to rejoin society.  There is no benefit to a per se bar, while there’s plenty of good flowing from increased participation in civic life.

I voted “yes” for these proposals in committee and will vote “yes” again on the floor.  Will see how it goes.

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