Long Day Draws to a Close

Enormous day today.

Started with constituent and advocate meetings which took up all morning.  (See my FB page for photos with ODU delegation).

Caucus at 11:30 a.m.  Session at noon.  Lots of votes on final passage.  More coming next week.

At 2 p.m., presented SB 1225 and 1226 to the Transportation Committee.  These comprehensive bills basically create a sustainable model for the “DMV Select” offices (there are 57 in Virginia), which complement our existing DMV branch offices.  Most of the “Selects” are operated by Commissioners of Revenue at the courthouse or county building and are a great convenience (we started this program in Fairfax City).  There are a lot of details to be worked out on tax and collection issues, but my bills have now passed committee and will be on the Senate floor.

At 3 p.m., attended the “Fertilizer” Subcommittee at 3 p.m. to review Chesapeake Bay protection bills, which restrict the use of phosphorus.  Our special subcommittee heard and recommended three bills that will improve water quality while working with the agricultural community to find the right balance.  Those bills will go to full Agriculture Committee on Monday.

At 4 p.m. (and for the next four hours), sat through the Civil Laws Subcommittee for Courts of Justice.  We passed my SB 831, which limits the AG’s investigatory power on “matters of academic research.”  Will go to full Committee next week.  We also heard at least 30 other bills, which kept us occupied the entire time.   (My SB 841 also passed — it extends charitable immunity to the officers and directors of nonprofits like communithy pools after they dissolve.  It’s a request from Kings Park West Civic Assocation).

That’s a full day. 

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