Two Articles Worth Reading

(JCP note — review this VDOT website for weather and road conditions today)

With the snow coming later, here are some articles worth reading by the fire tonight

This Post article from earlier this week  describes Virginia’s accelered foreclosure laws and how that system has impacted families seeking to save their homes during the recession.  Needless to say, this is the situation I’m trying to address in the 2011 session.  Stay tuned. 

Another article, in today’s paper, describes the issue of poverty and homelessness in “wealthy” Fairfax County.  In the spirit of the holiday season, it’s important to note the great organizations which serve the homeless.  The following list of organization is not exhaustive, just the ones I know the best:

Our Daily Bread
Western Fairfax Christian Services
Northern Virginia Family Services
The Lamb Center  (my mother is on Board of Lamb Center, which is also supported by my church).

You can’t say enough good things about the volunteers who organize, fund and run these charitable services.

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