This One Goes to Eleven

Years ago, in “Spinal Tap,” director Rob Reiner created the ultimate rock’n roll moment, where Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel explains the value of an amplifier whose dials ”go to eleven.”  It’s like ten … but one louder.

“Going to Eleven” became the battle cry of our college years.  Now it’s here. 

So how do we live the legacy in year ”2011″?  Here are a few of my thoughts –

Going to Eleven” means running hard for re-election.  (For me, it begins Friday, January 7th at the Crowne Plaza in Tysons for the annual “Business Leaders Breakfast”.  Tickets are still available for business leaders and ordinary folks alike). 

“Going to Eleven” means rebuilding our economy in all parts of Virginia with new jobs and rising home values.

“Going to Eleven” means making government transparent and accountable by putting all state and local spending on-line.. 

“Going to Eleven” means promoting renewable energy, fuel-efficient vehicles and LEED-certified construction, before the next energy crisis.

“Going to Eleven” means having the guts to raise the funds for transportation, without relying on brain-dead gimmicks.

“Going to Eleven” means cracking down without apology on the culture of fraud and speculation which caused the Great Recession of 2008 and then walked away from the consequences.

“Going to Eleven” means a vibrant Chesapeake Bay watershed and wide open spaces for fishing, hunting, hiking and mountain biking.

Those are some of my goals for 2011, and I’ll have bills for all these objectives.  Meet me there.

Just remember, it’s like “ten” …


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