A List for Santa

Dear Santa:

I’ve been a pretty good kid this year.  I didn’t miss any votes in the State Senate.  I tried all my cases, except for the ones we settled.  Around the house, I mowed the lawn, raked the leaves and cleaned the gutters. 

Even though it wasn’t an election year, I knocked on several thousand doors and didn’t get mad when one constituent saw me and threatened to call the police.

I realize that we are still living in a recession.  Therefore, my list is brief and should not violate the “pay go” rules established by your last fiscal accountability commission.

Having said that, I would appreciate the following under my Christmas tree.

1.  A season of peace in the U.S. and abroad.

2.  An opportunity for hard-working people to find jobs.

3.  Health care costs restrained by better cost-sharing, less emergency care and better exercise habits.

4.  A Redskins game in January which actually means something.

5.  A clean energy industry in Virginia that can advocate for itself.

6.  A METRO system that is on-budget and a VRE system that is on-time.  (Yes, this requires $$)

7.  A solvent state pension system.

8.  A Christmas with fresh air, falling snow and a church service to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

9.  More time to spend with my family.

10.  Warm socks.

Many thanks for the hard work that you do,

Your friend and admirer,

Chap Petersen
Fairfax, VA
December 24, 2010

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