A Few Statistics About VA Transportation

This morning, we had the annual seminar on “What Everyone Needs to Know About Transportation Funding in Virginia” at the CIT Building in Reston.

Here are a few stats to remember:

57,687:  The number of miles in Virginia’s road system

1,118:  The miles dedicated to interstates

8,111:  The miles for primary roads (i.e. connecting cities and towns to interstates)

48,305:  The miles for secondary roads  (i.e. everything else)

10,561:  The miles of urban strees, which are owned by cities and towns

20,800:   The number of bridges and culverts

17.5:   The tax (cents) charged on each gallon of gas which is dedicated to transportation

0.5:  The tax (cents) charged on retail sales which is dedicated to transportation

3%:  The titling tax on each car sold which is dedicated to transportation

1986:  The last time these taxes were adjusted

$500M:  The annual transfer from VA’s construction account to our maintenance account to make up for the revenue shortfall in maintenance funding

$100M:  The amount of $$ left in our construction account after that transfer

$881M:  The amount that the Feds give us to spend on highways (most of which require matching funds — we have to issue bonds to make up the balance)

$7.8B:   the current Six Year Plan budget for VDOT

$10.6B:  the same budget ten years ago

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