Final Weekend for GOTV

We all knew that Virginia would have some close contests this Election Day. I don’t think anyone realized six months ago that there would be four (4) Congressional races rated as “toss-ups” this final weekend.

But that’s where we are.

There are rallies all over Virginia this weekend. In our backyard, there is a GOTV rally for Congressman Connolly in Woodbridge on Saturday a.m. and another Sunday morning with DNC chair Tim Kaine at the Connolly headquarters on Jermantown Road. (I’ll be running the MCM — otherwise would be there).

Check out the info at

For those folks not hip enough to attend the Rally for Nothing this weekend, I strongly suggest getting out and hitting some doors this weekend. There are a lot of undecided or uninformed voters out there. Turnout on Tuesday will barely break 50% of registered voters. (fyi, I will be finishing a few last doors in Blake precinct).

Otherwise, if you’re in Fairfax City tomorrow, stop by Woody’s on North Street from 3-5 pm for the annual Halloween party. Bring the kids.

Peace. I’ll check in with you all Sunday night.

(Update — Saturday, 6:15 pm

Ok — I can’t let the day pass without a brief mention of the Wolf Trap Halloween 5K this a.m. where I started a race for 500 runners. The star was the man who ran the whole course in a gorilla costume — and finished in under 22 minutes!)

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