Iftar Dinner in Fairfax

Last night, I spoke at the annual “Iftar” dinner for the Muslim community and friends in Fairfax. The event was organized by my friends at the Turkish-American Friendship Association and took place in downtown Fairfax City, about a block from my law office. There were several hundred in attendance.

Being of the Christian faith, I personally did not know much about Ramadan or Iftar growing up. Essentially, during the month of Ramadan, Islam prohibits eating during daylight. Iftar then becomes the first meal of the day at twilight. Often it can be a community celebration.

Thanks to AFTA for inviting me and my family to join the meal the last night. I also had a chance to speak with a Voice of America reporter who was there doing a story on “Islam in America.” Seems to be a salient topic these days.

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