A Quick Note on METRO, et al.

Sorry for the delay on posting. I’m dealing with an avalanche of work and family obligations.

A few quick notes from the game on Saturday night:

1. Is there any reason for Blue Line trains to not run directly to FedEx Field on game nights? Nothing is more useless than a six-car train packaged with 1,000 fans making 5-6 superfluous stops before the stadium? On game nights, make the Blue Line an EXPRESS TRAIN to the stadium. Also, some of the trains are looking very ragged on the interior and need new carpeting.

2. The Ravens continue to have the ugliest jerseys in the league. (And E.A. Poe is from Richmond anyway)

3. The Redskins continue to have problems with the O-Line.

4. London Fletcher is old school NFL and we like that.

5. Santana Moss can still play. Everybody else? Well it’s pre-season.

6. Cost of 2 tickets in Section 451? About $180. Cost of METRO pass to game? About $6. Cost of beer? About $7 per cup. Watching a ball game with my son? Priceless!

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