Headed to Richmond Tomorrow

Will be at the State Capitol with Delegate Mark Keam for the Governor’s signing of SB 712, our bill to establish an overseas campus for George Mason in the Republic of Korea. Representatives of GMU and the Korean Embassy should also be there.

The campus will be built on man-made island in Incheon Harbor that was created when the new airport was opened in 2002. This island has been designated (and will be created) as a “free trade” international city within Korea, a fitting distinction considering that a third of the world’s population is within a two-hour plane flight of Incheon.

Grants from the Korean government will estblish English-speaking campuses on the island. George Mason is one of the select American universities invited to participate, because of its role in the prestigious Virginia higher education system and its proximity to Washington DC.. SB 712 gives them the legal framework to do that.

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