See you at Auld Shebeen (Or Not!)

I’m going to try to get there by 3 pm today for US v. Ghana soccer match. I watched the US v. Algeria there on Thursday and also GMU vs. UConn in 2006 — two of the greatest victories of all time. So it’s lucky.

Before the game, I am speaking at a Graduation in Oakton for a local adult education school. The theme of my Commencement speech is “How Life Imitates the World Cup.” You got to fight past the bad breaks. And enjoy the spectacle.

This morning I ran the Tim Harmon 5K at the Government Center. Thanks to our hard-working Fairfax County employees for organizing and the “Sock Monkeys” for the rock and roll music (love the classic Stones). There had to be at least 500 runners and walkers out there.

I finished the course in an average 23:14, not very good but better than my last couple efforts. I just nosed out my former Assembly colleague Chuck “Speed King” Caputo, who looked great.

(update at 12:45 pm)

Epic fail. Just found out that the graduation is at 3 pm! Absolute worse time to watch the game . Must find an I-phone.

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