P90X Represent!

Here’s the story when Tony Horton came to Capitol Hill.


Here’s my personal story:

I was watching TV with my 7 year old last spring when the P90X informercial came on. I was unable to turn away from the screen. As if in a trance, I found myself going on-line and ordering the videos.

A week later they arrived and I started the program. I basically did it all the way through, except I mixed in my own running program for the aerobics — I substituted that for the yoga. I didn’t lose weight or change my diet but did add some serious upper-body muscle. (When we renovated our house, I added a pull-up bar in the back yard).

The “muscle confusion” sytem works well. You push a muscle group to exhaustion, then switch to another group. Back and forth for about 45 minutes of all-out pushing. You’re pretty much done at the end of the workout.

I have since passed along the videos to my cousin. I still mix in the “chest/back” and “biceps/back” workouts at least 2x a week just so I can walk the streets of Fairfax City with no fear.

Those two workouts give you more output than any other weight-lifting program I’ve ever done. (I have moved on to “Insanity” which has great aerobic output).

You won’t need a background check at this gun show.

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