Weekend in W’burg

Down in Williamsburg for the annual meeting of the Virginia Trial Attorneys Association.  VTLA represents several thousand attorneys trying criminal, divorce and injury cases.  The purpose of the weekend is to learn about the latest laws and court decisions, while mixing with attorneys from all over the state.

This morning I ran the annual VTLA fun run (or the “Ambulance Chase” as I call it).  From our start point at the Williamsburg Lodge, the 2.5 mile course wrapped around the old State Capitol and then back on Duke of Gloucester Street.  I was tied for the lead til about 200 yards away when I faded to second.  Damn! 

First run of the year so there’s room for improvement.  On to local news and observation ….

Driving thru Fred-burg on Friday, I picked up a copy of the Free Lance Star.  The front page article stated that Stafford County was using a $350,000 grant from the Feds to purchase an “armored car” for its police department.   

$350 grand?  An armored car?  .

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