President Speaks at Patriot Center

I was lucky to have a front-row seat yesterday for the Patriot Center rally on behalf of President Obama. 

The arena was close to full.  I’d estimate about 8,000 people there (capacity = 10,000).  There were not a lot of politicians, which is a good thing.  I did see Patriots’ coach Jim Larranaga who was a few seats away.  Most the crowd appeared to be students.

In my lifetime, I’d never seen a President (or Presidential candidate) speak at George Mason.  Now we have had four separate appearances by Obama since January 2007, when he made an early appearance right after announcing his candidacy.  He also did a Town Hall in July 2008 at Robinson Secondary School, which is right across the street.

The man travels Braddock Road more often than Sharon Bulova.  He needs a gift pass to Brion’s Grill. 

Seriously, it’s an honor to have the President make his health care case directly to voters in the 34th Senate district.  The fact is he has a celebrity power that folks like me will never have.  And now is his time to use it.

(JJ dinner tonight in Richmond — actually got a date with my wife!)

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