Montpelier Today, Tomorrow the World

Today the Civics Education Commission will be meeting at James Madison’s Montpelier for a 2-day symposium on the state of civics education in Virginia.

As the Chairman of the Commission, I’ll be nominally in charge (emphasis on “nominally”) as we hear from some of the top history and government educators in the U.S.  I’ll try to post up some of the action as we go along.

The purpose of our Commission is to update the study of Civics in Virginia, revamp the SOL’s in history and government, and foster more participation by today’s kids in democracy — which doesn’t have to be a spectator sport.

It’s my hope that we can come out of this week’s meeting with some tangible goals such as an annual Youth Leadership Conference and perhaps some partnerships with higher education in this area.

(as befitting my part-time status, I’m also bringing 3-4 legal files with me)

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