Legal Work Running (or Ruining) My Life

Legal work has been in the news recently, especially with the Virginia AG  filing suit against the Federal government to enjoin the new U.S. health care laws in Virginia.

Since we adourned the Assembly, the last ten days have been crazy busy at our law firm.  All the legal work put off from January is now come due.  I’ve either been in court or in deposition almost every day.

Of course, I’m in a private law practice.  That means that I don’t file anything unless a paying client wants it.  That’s actually a good check on frivolous lawsuits (more on that later). 

According to Kathy, we are getting a ton of emails and calls on the Capitol Hill drama.  I’m trying to sort through all of it and how it will effect Virginia.  My biggest question is the impact on state Medicaid and how much that will be expanded.  Currently, the program is about $5B a year in our budget, which puts it next to K-12 education as our biggest priority.

It’s going to take me 2-3 weeks to get semi-clear from my real job.  Once the smoke clears, I’d like to get a briefing on how this new law specifically impacts our state.

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