Senate Crumbles in Annual Hoops Classic

Last night, the Senate faced the House in the annual “Capitol Square Basketball Classic” with all proceeds to benefit the Massey Center for Cancer Research at MCV Hospital. 

Thanks to our friends at VCU for organizing the game and hosting it at the Siegel Center, which is a world-class facility where the VCU Rams play.  (note — Barack Obama spoke there in Feb 08 at the JJ Dinner)

The lawmakers came out on the Count looking pale and pasty from the long hours inside the Capitol.  The result was a slow-paced game for much of the first half, which was just to the Senators’ liking.

With a starting lineup of Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta), Ryan McDougle (R-Hanover), Chap Petersen (D-Ffx City), George Barker (D-Clifton) and Ralph Northam (D-Norfolk), the Senators seemed to pose little threat to their younger House colleagues. 

Yet remarkably, the Senators broke out early on a couple of driving lay-ups by Petersen and low-post moves by Hanger and McDougle.   Using a shut-down half-court zone and plenty of trash talk, the Senate intimidated their callow House colleagues (much like they do on Capitol Square).   At half-time, the score stood 17-15 for the Senate.

The second half was all House.  Despite a vain effort by the Senate to “shorten the game” by adopting a Four Corners offensive strategy, the younger and more athletic House members — armed with multiple alleged staff members with suspiciously adept skills — began to run away with the game.  Literally.

The House benefitted from strong inside play by Manoli Loupassi (R-Richmond), along with the “run and gun” approach of Chris Jones (R-Suffolk), David Toscano (D-Charlottesville), Tag Greason (R-Loudoun) and Joe “No Conscience” Morrissey (D-Henrico) to score numerous baskets that went unanswered.  The House also dominated the rebounds and loose balls as the Senators were distracted by autograph requests and pressing constituent concerns. 

The final score was 40-27 for the House.  The real winner was Massey Cancer Center which raised a lot of money (over $20K?) thanks to corporate sponsorships and a well-attended event.

We’ve got the photos up on Facebook.  Unfortunately, the shutter speed of the camera was not fast enough to catch some of our early buckets.  Trust me, we did actually score. 

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