Door Knocking in HD 41

I’m back in Fairfax this weekend.  Yesterday I stopped by the campaign HQ of Eileen Filler-Corn and picked up some packets for door-to-door canvassing in neighborhoods I represent in Braddock. 

Eileen is running to represent the 41st House District, which was formerly the seat of Dave Marsden, now Senator.  I’ve known her for many years and am proud to endorse her. 

Spent most of Saturday door knocking for Eileen.  There’s a lot of snow still on the sidewalks, but the air was mild.  I met the usual kaleidoscope of Fairfax County people:  an R.N. just getting off the night shift, a Mom chasing after young kids, a law professor walking his dog. 

There are few signs out for this special election, at least in neighborhoods.  Snowmaggeddon pretty much killed the visibility.  Turnout will be modest. 

The 41st House District, like the 37th HD and 35th HD, were all central Fairfax districts that were Republican as of the last redistricting.  In 2001, the seats were held by Dillard, Rust and Devolites respectively.  By 2006, all three had swung to the Democratic column which allowed the Democrats to take a dominating position in the County as a whole. 

Last year was a close call.  In the 35th and 41st House races, our aggregate winning total for both candidates was about 500 votes (out of 40,000 cast).  So the area is moving back towards 50/50.

If Eileen wins on Tuesday, the Democrats will continue to hold all three of these “swing” district in the heart of the County.  If you’re a voter in the 41st HD, please don’t forget to vote Tuesday. 

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