SB 109 Passes General Laws Committee

My SB 109 passed General Laws Commitee today.  Essentially it requires every state building over 5,000 square feet to be built according to LEED Silver standards.  The additional cost from meeting these standards is 1-3% of construction cost according to our Dept of General Services, however, the savings of HVAC and other resources more than amortizes the cost.

Notably SB 109 passed without any “no” votes.  Previously this concept did get some friction in committee.  We’ll see if the good luck holds in the House.

Off to a 530 pm Subcommittee meeting on stormwater and Ches Bay fishing.  Would like to see the Governor make his SOTU response at the State Capitol but doubt if I can stay awake that late. 

These long days are killing me!

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