White Christmas Coming?

Woke up this morning to a foot of snow on the ground.  I’m guessing that we’ve added another foot in the past 6-7 hours. 

We’re totally snowed in here in Fairfax City.  Thomas and I walked over to Van Dyck Park a couple hours ago.  Actually, I walked throught the snow and pulled him on a toboggan.  There were only a few people there.  Almost a complete white-out. 

The main roads (University and Main Street) are semi-clear in the City.  Everything else is shut down.  I did see the City snowplows out working away.  However, it’s snowing faster than you can clean the streets.

Of course, this was my day to do all my Christmas shopping.  Guess not.   Fortunately, I have a cord of firewood in the garage and everyone is home safely. 


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