Vienna Halloween Parade

Tonight was the annual Halloween parade down Maple Avenue in Vienna.  It was a beautiful fall evening.  Just perfect.  Thousands of kids in costumers were spread out along the parade route.

We were #27 in the parade, lined up along Berry Street.  We stepped off about 7:15 pm.  Our entourage included my wife and three kids (my girls in “Eighties” outfits and my son as a fireman).

The parade route was a blur.  The bulk of the crowd was in the center of town, between Park Street and Center Street.   In the dark, it’s hard to see individual families.  But we got a lot of nice shout-outs, notably from “Amy’s Army”. 

After we finished, I grabbed a coffee at Starbuck’s and watched the parade entries made the final turn onto Center Street.  I had a chance to watch the campaigns coming behind us.  It was hard to see them over the crowd but here are some notes:

Largest Vehicle:  AG candidate Steve Shannon who had his campaign banner wrapped around a huge RV.

Largest Flag:  The McDonnell volunteers were carrying an enormous American flag and chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A.”

Most Bizarre Sight:  The Cuccinelli campaign had volunteers riding unicycles while waving “Don’t Tread on Me” flags. 

Best Musical Accompaniment:  The bagpipes from the Fairfax County Coalition of Deputy Sheriffs.  You need their endorsement for the music.

All told, it was a great evening. 

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