The Lamb Center Dinner

I took a break from partisan politics tonight to “MC” the annual dinner for The Lamb Center, a Fairfax City support center dedicated to helping the local homeless.  My church, Truro, is the founder of the Lamb Center which is now supported by many congregations. 

Over 220 people came to the Salvation Army on Ox Road to share a meal and raise funds. 

The keynote speaker was Dean Klein, director of the County’s task force to end homelessness. Also appearing was Congressman Gerry Connolly who spoke movingly and effectively on Fairfax County’s homeless population. 

(Question — did you know that 80% of the County’s homeless population is either a child or a working adult?)

Finally, we had a testimonial from Floyd Ransford who is a Lamb Center graduate and now a counselor there.  His remarks reminded me of a favorite Bible verse — “the stones rejected by the builder have become the cornerstones.”

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