They’ve Got Talent, By George

One of the benefits of representing a college town is the wealth of opportunities for watching athletics and the performing arts.

Tonight was the “Arts, By George” music and arts festival sponsored by George Mason University.  Students recruited from across the U.S. show off their talents at an open house for the community at the Mason Performing Arts Center.   

First I had a chance to watch some world-class piano playing by some young prodigies.  Later I attended a dance recital which featured undergraduate dancers performing modern dance,  It is a very athletic endeavor as the kids were literally throwing themselves around the dance floor.  

Real athletes appreciate dance.  I sat next to Ken Harvey, forrmer Redskin Pro Bowler, who was attending with his wife.  We agreed that the Skins could use that coordination and energy on the playing field. 

(update Sunday 1 pm)

Was back at GMU this morning for the annual Kit Callahan “Miracle Mile” 10K sponsored by Brain Injury Services, Inc.  Kit is a young man from Burke who suffered a serious head injury in 2000 that left him disabled. 

As part of his therapy, his parents founded the Miracle Mile.  The goal was to have Kit walk a mile.  In tandem with Kit’s mile walk, the run was founded to benefit head injury services.

I was there in September 2001 when they held the first Miracle Mile at George Mason.  I ran the course with Congressman Tom Davis.  It was a few days after 9/11 and I remember signing the national anthem on a beautiful fall morning before 100 initial attendees.

This morning I was there again to get the “Tom Davis Leadership Award” for 9 years of supporting the cause.  There were 500 runners there and many corporate sponsors.  I finished the hilly 10K course today in 47:25. 

Kit was there again, like every year, walking the course with his parents.



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