Summer Winds Down

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a slight Chesapeake humidity.  I spent most the afternoon knocking on doors in the Shouse Village and Towlston Meadows neighborhoods off Route 7. 

The neighbors were friendly but I did suffer two mishaps at Deramus Farms.  First, while leaving a house, I tripped on the brick steps and tumbled down a steep hill, losing my papers in the process.  Then, a few doors later, a small dog leaped on me and bit me on the upper thigh.  I had an interesting time explaining those bite marks to my wife when I got home.

On my way home, I stopped in Vienna for game of croquet on the village green with the leaders of Historic Vienna.  Apparently rattled by my bad luck, I lost to former Councilwoman Maud Robinson in a match play. 

Tough day all around.

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