Vick Re-Enters the NFL

It’s time for some real news. 

Today NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Virginia’s own Michael Vick could re-enter the NFL this year.   There are a number of conditions attached to the re-admission.  I won’t rehash the details.  Suffice to say that former Indy head coach Tony Dungy will be a mentor and advisor in the process.  (editor’s note:  Tony Dungy is a great coach and a better person.  I read his autobiography this year and highly recommend it).

Considering Vick’s well-documented crimes, there will likely be a backlash.  Here’s my take:

Michael Vick did the crime, then did the time.  He’s out of the system and back on the street.  His livelihood is football and he should pursue his livelihood.  That is how he should re-enter society.

Vick will always have a legal legacy in Virginia.  As a result of his serious crimes, the Assembly enhanced all kinds of penalties dealing with the abuse of animals.  Anyone involved in any way with animal fighting, whether dogs or cocks, now risks a felony.  I doubt that we’ll ever see someone with that wealth and fame involved again like he was in abusing animals. 

As for Vick, he’s had many chapters in his young life.  The finest natural athlete of his generation to come out of Virginia (take that Allen Iverson!) Took Tech to the national championship game.  Picked #1 in the NFL draft.

Never quite put it together in the NFL, but damn the highlights were good.

Now at 29, he has to do it all over again. 

Some folks are wondering whether an NFL team will take a chance of him.   Please.  Are you telling me that by Week Six a team struggling at 1-5 or 0-6 won’t put him on the field?  At the end of the day, he can make plays.

Michael Vick has a second chance.  Let’s hope that’s the last one he needs. 

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