Gov Campaigns Trade Endorsements

A slow news week in Virginia was accelerated by competing endorsements trotted out by the two Gov campaigns.

First, Washington Mystics owner and uber-businesswoman Sheila Johnson endorsed Bob McDonnell on Tuesday.  Considering that Ms. Johnson gave Tim Kaine over $500K in 2005, that is a real coup. 

Then a raft of GOP ex-legislators endorsed Creigh Deeds yesterday. Yes, some of these names are expected.  However, I was personally surprised (yes, honestly) to see former Senate stalwarts like Marty Williams (R-Newport News) and Brandon Bell (R-Roanoke) step up for Mr. Deeds.  And an endorsement from John Chichester (R-Stafford), former President Pro Tem of the Senate for many years, is huge.   Congrats to Creigh on pulling that off.

Now can they deliver voters?

I’ve often said that state campaigns are won or lost between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Yes, the press is asleep and volunteers are largely MIA.  But that’s when you need to lay the groundwork for the fall.  Because suddenly it’s September and you’ve got 60 days left to make the sale to three million voters.

As for me, I’ll be out hitting doors this weekend. 

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