Hooray for “Floppy-Haired” Joe Abbey!

Today the Wash Post finally gave us some real news!

It’s a well-deserved profile of our favorite campaign operative.  For those not here in 2007, Joe was my campaign manager in the State Senate race and did a great, great job under some very hectic circumstances.

Of course, he couldn’t beat me in the 5K or 10K races we had every Saturday.  Nor will he anytime soon.

But he translated that winning experience into his current gig as Creigh Deeds’ campaign manager where he shocked the world with last week’s smashing victory in the Democratic primary. 

By now the story is Virginia legend — how Joe and Creigh conserved their money thru April and let Brian and Terry battle it out, then grabbed the inside rail over the last 4 weeks to ride to victory. 

The battle is only half over politically.  Joe and his team will be up against Team McDonnell who have been ubiquitous in Fairfax County the past few weeks (Team Deeds, are you reading this?)  Nothing can be taken for granted.

But, Joe, make sure you clip the story and mail it back home to Mom and Dad in Flint,  Michigan.  Their boy has done good!

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