Bring Back the Liberty U Democrats!

Yesterday Liberty University in Lynchburg announced it was abolishing the Liberty University Democratic Club as a student organization.  Since Liberty is a private institution, it can legally do that.  But, it’s hard to imagine a more dull-witted attempt to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is not a Liberty-bashing post.  Not at all.  I’m proud that Virginia has strong evangelical colleges which have survived and thrived within the modern secularist culture.  Today’s students are tomorrow’s Christian pastors and missionaries. 

Recognizing the unique nature of Liberty as a Bible-based college, it’s logical that the school will have conservative positions in regard to campus life.  But restricting ideas?  Preventing students from organizing a political group?

Liberty’s position is that the Democratic platform is not fully consistent with Christian beliefs.   Reality check:  Neither is the platform of the Republican party.   

(Let’s review Matthew 19:24 — “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Gosh, I missed hearing that at the last Repub Convention — or Dem Convention for that matter)

The point is not that either Dems or Repubs are closer to the message of the Gospel.   No, the real point is that political parties — like any human institution — are necessarily imperfect.  Because people are imperfect.  In a democracy, we put forward these two (or more) imperfect options and let the voters decide.  

Neither party has an exclusive hold on the truth.  You’ve got to have both sides.  Because without an opposition, there’s no point in having a political process. 

Most importantly from the faith perspective, the school is precluding its students from engaging in public life as Christians.  Jesus met and spoke with everyone in his world.  Did he distinguish based on social position or political party?  Of course not.  He met with tax collectors, prostitutes and lepers.

I get tired of seeing Christians ridiculed as right-wing drones.  We come in all shapes and sizes.  But Liberty University is perpetuating this stereotype with its actions. 

As a fellow Christian, I’ll hope they’ll reconsider their actions …


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