Happy Earth Day To You

It’s Wednesday, April 22nd.  Happy Earth Day to everyone. 

I have many thoughts about the condition of our temporal home in the early 21st century.  I’ve also had recent occasion to talk about it, including at the George Mason University Sustainabilty Conference on Monday.  So my mind is focused on this topic.

Unfortunately, I’ve been slammed at work (a.k.a. “the real job”) this week, so I’m going to need 2-3 days to find time to write an adequate post.

I’ve also got strong opinions about the fundraising controversies swirling around the Democratic primary.  I need some free time to write about that also.  In the meantime, I’ll simply say this — the chase for the “super-size” donors has come to define Virginia elections.  And, yes, that is effecting the legislation and votes that we see in Richmond.

More coming …

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